Online Educational Videos  SAMPLES

The videos below are samples of educational lectures that can be made available to students for convenient e-learning. The final content will include all 1,624 lessons covering the entire syllabus of grades 9-12 for Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Maths, Geography, Civics and English, and will also incorporate Sign Language interpretation for deaf students. These lectures were originally served via MOE’s ‘Plasma TV Broadcast’ program. FREE online and offline access to the original high definition videos will now be provided to students across the country. The videos will be delivered via a telecom infrastructure for last-mile digital connectivity in rural and remote areas.  Appropriate mobile units, with customized functionalities, will be distributed to students for exclusive access to the e-learning platform. For more details, please contact Canadian Institute of Mass Communication.


Grade 10 – Unit 03 – Lesson 41

The Function of the Kidney – Part II


Grade 09 – Unit 04 – Lesson 24

Oxidizing and Reducing Agents


Grade 11 – Unit 08 – Lesson 20

Fluid Dynamics – Part IV


Grade 12 – Unit 06 – Lesson 09

Equation of a Sphere


Grade 12 – Unit 02 – Lesson 01

The Study of Topographic Maps


Grade 09 – Unit 11 – Lesson 08

The Pursuit of Truth


Grade 09 – Unit 07 – Lesson 77

Study Skills Learning New Words